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About Us

Web Design Company with Clients Worldwide

Web Designers &?Marketers

Web Designers & Digital Marketers

?We Design/Build/Host Brands

Thought Media?est in late 2009. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients all over the world from Canada, the United States, Australia, China, Norway, Dubai, and more! Building Website Designs, Business Brands, Animated Videos, and much more!

Our 16 person team’s core competencies are in custom graphics, website design and building web architectures. We’ve worked on projects which focus on unique and eye catching design, and others which are driven on managing loads of customer or product data.

Our?goal is to develop the perfect website design, corporate identity, or mobile app to suit your business needs, and maintain a close relationship growing for years to come.

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Article Written
Brands Created
Completed Projects
  • Why Choose TM?

    We build long term relationships with clients; working and growing together for years on end! We pride ourselves on customer service and support – we’re always here to help!

  • Our History

    The core Thought Media team has been together for 7 years and running. We have a great working relationship that translates to projects for our wonderful business clients. Our industry experience is unmatched!

  • Behind Us

    Behind our great team of 16 talented individuals is Adam Evans (Creative Director) whom has been in the digital media and marketing space for over 15 years!

We pride ourselves on customer service

Reactivity, responsiveness, and support are key aspects of our customer service model.

Customer Support
Long Running Customer Relationships
Happy Customer Referals

Meet The Team

‘E-Meet’ ?? some of our?Account Managers, Project Managers, Graphic Designers, Website Designers, and Mobile App Developers.
Adam Evans Creative Director

Our Micro Managing Techie Oversees All Things Digital.

Virendra Singh Senior Web Developer

Handling Custom & Open Source Development In WordPress, OpenCart, and More.

Grace Agosta Business Development

A Squirel Lover That’s Also Bright, Friendly, And An Awesome Chef!

Prasanth Hitashi Senior Graphics Designer

Exclusively Handles Corporate Identity & Website Graphic Design For Our Partners And Clients.

Chris Sticker Photographer

Our Super Pleasant Photographer, Camera, And Lighting Expert.

Dedy Hartanto Logo / Brand Designer

Dedy Specializes Exclusively In Branding, And Logo Design.

Pinakin Vaghela SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization Specialist managing?client(s) Internet Marketing.

Sameera K Web Hosting Server Technician

Overseeing Millions of?Lines Of Server Data, Handling Data Center &?Client Support.

Request Quote We Design, Build & Develop, Host & Support Businesses & Brands.
We ?? making cool websites, mobile apps, animated videos, and more! Get a quote now.